Monday, September 28, 2009

Try, Try and Try Again...

Seriously! Since last time I was on this wagon I have gained back all the a little. I am so dissapointed in myself. BUT I am on my way out the door back to bootcamp. Eventually, I will be able to give up the junk food and really do this. My problem is I am very all or nothing. Either I am working out 5 times a week and and eating super great or I am not working out at all and eating whatever I want. I need to find balance!
K..time to head out the door. Here we go again!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Still going...

So here we are the end of the competition....but not the end of my weight loss. I made a goal for myself to lose 26lbs during the 8 weeks. Maybe that was a little out of reach BUT just a little...its been 8 and a half weeks and I have lost 18lbs! I am very happy with it. I decided to continue bootcamp again for the next session. It really provides me the accountability that I need to work myself harder. And knowing that I am going to get on the scale every week in front of someone else really makes me want to see the numbers go down. Don't get me wrong I am doing this for myself but I want Bethany to see that she is doing something way right with her training. Thanks Bethany!
As far as eating healthier... I find that I really need to give myself the weekends off. I try not to go overboard with it and try to just maintain on Saturday and Sunday. That allows me to enjoy going out to eat with my family and even having ice cream if my husband wants to stop for some. Then I do pretty good during the healthy and avoiding high calorie foods. Works for me!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Dreaded Week 2

So this week was a little frustrating. I have what is probably an overuse injury in my knee. It has affected my workouts tremendously making it impossible to run. But I did my best and stayed mostly on track with my diet. Weigh in today was a mixture of emotions. I only lost a pound. I know, at least I lost. I totally do feel that way. But when I found out I have lost another 3 and a half inches from my waist the world was ok again. That is where I really need to lose and I'm sure that I am building muscle. So while the weight numbers are VERY important for our competition..for personal goals I want to wear smaller jeans and have more stamina. Those things are happening and that pleases me! So this week I have limitations on my exercise due to my knee but I am going to do everything I can to contine the loss!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well just when I thought this diet thing was getting a little eaiser I went to the mall. The problem with that is that I rarely make it out without hitting the food court for some orange chicken or Sbarros or a pretzel or something along those lines. So yesterday when I went I had to avoid that area at all costs. And guess what?! I did it. Orange Julius or Cinnabon for me. I just kept thinking of coming to the mall to buy a pair of size 6 jeans. That was my motivation. I realized that I really only enjoyed shopping for clothes when it was for my kids. I can buy them cute outfits and they always look good. But when I try on clothes I am always dissapointed. Now don't get me wrong I don't have a terrible self esteem problem, I just know that I need to lose weight and that I am not healthy. So one of my new goals is to go to the mall for some cute jeans not an outfit at babygap or chinese food.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

In the beginning....

So one week ago tomorrow I officially got motivated enough to begin losing weight. I mean I have done it before but never just by exercising and good diet. It was always a crash diet that led to a (really) quick loss followed by a (really) quick gain when I gave up and ate a big mac. This first week has been exciting, exhausting, frustrating, motivating...there have been highs and lows. I know, I know its only been 6 days but it was a very drastic change from my previous eat what I want and exercise when I felt like it.

Well, here's what I did this week. First I joined Bethany's Bikini Bootcamp. Not only that but I joined a biggest loser competition between five of us and another bootcamp. By doing that I am required to do extra cardio and keep a food journal that is turned into my trainer regularly. I exercised about 14 hours this week. The change in eating has been a little easier than I expected actually. I found that there are lots of healthy foods that I actually like. Now there were a couple of days when I would have killed for some Mexican food but I made it through with grilled chicken and salad instead. Then there was one night when I made ribs without checking the calories first. 915! Holy Cow. Now the leftovers are still sitting in the fridge and I refuse to eat them now that I know how terribly fattening they are. I also drank NOTHING but water this week. That is SO not me. I am admitted cokaholic. I could (and have) drank a 6 pack a day. So I just chugged a bunch of water this week. I found that it is much easier to drink water when you are sweating though a spin class or Bethany's squats. Ok Ok I had ONE cherry coke on Saturday. Sue me.

So how did I do it. Motiviation, Accountability, and Prayer.

And the results......4lbs lost, 2inches lost in my waist, and 1inch lost in my arms!