Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Still going...

So here we are the end of the competition....but not the end of my weight loss. I made a goal for myself to lose 26lbs during the 8 weeks. Maybe that was a little out of reach BUT just a little...its been 8 and a half weeks and I have lost 18lbs! I am very happy with it. I decided to continue bootcamp again for the next session. It really provides me the accountability that I need to work myself harder. And knowing that I am going to get on the scale every week in front of someone else really makes me want to see the numbers go down. Don't get me wrong I am doing this for myself but I want Bethany to see that she is doing something way right with her training. Thanks Bethany!
As far as eating healthier... I find that I really need to give myself the weekends off. I try not to go overboard with it and try to just maintain on Saturday and Sunday. That allows me to enjoy going out to eat with my family and even having ice cream if my husband wants to stop for some. Then I do pretty good during the healthy and avoiding high calorie foods. Works for me!